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5 Helpful Tips For A Successful Live Stream

Posted by Jacob Berardi on Sep 25, 2021 9:55:20 AM
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I’m Jacob Berardi, head videographer for UBEO Business Services. Just a little bit about me; I attended film school in Florida before working in New York for several years. I was also the lead videographer for “Nerf Wars” Youtube channel with over 600,000 active followers. Check out the page here!


My goal with this blog is to help extend your reach by adding a live stream to your service. No longer is broadcast reserved exclusively for megachurches on television. Social media streaming allows any organization, big or small, to build their own in-home congregation. With that, I'll take your through a few easy tips to make streaming easy for your team.  

Below are 5 mobile streaming tips to help make your first video stream a success in spreading your message.

  1. A Good Frame : For a good frame you’ll want to consider what exactly you want your viewers to focus on. Is it just one speaker standing still? Or is there a power point or slides you want to show. You’ll want to know this before you place yourself. The worst thing to have your your frame set incorrectly.

  2.  Audio: Just as important as your video is your audio. If you’ve haven’t already got a microphone consider using headphones or similar, getting close with your mic so it’s clear so your message can be heard is important. If using a lavalier microphone, be sure to place it close to the center of your chest for the best audio quality.

  3. Add An Extra Camera: Having a second  or even 3rd camera can really make your small production feel big. If you’re already broadcasting from a streaming service such as OBS in this example, consider adding an extra camera with any smartphone with wifi and a camera. Simply open Chrome or Safari on a smartphone, and go to vdo.ninja . From there you can turn your phone into a wireless camera that can be added as a new web source in the streaming service of your choice.

  4. Test Everything: Never under estimate the power of double and triple checking your work before you live stream. Technical difficulties alway come up at the least opportune times. Do private test run and make sure all cameras and mics are working properly to avoid on-air headaches with your audience.

  5. Extra Hands: An extra set of hands are always useful. Throughout all of these steps the thing that can really help in a pinch when live streaming is a good friend and assistant to help you. From troubleshooting to just having someone to respond to comments, extra hands make hard work easy.

Those are my 5 tips for successfully shooting your first Live Stream, I hope that you can utilize these tips to help spread your message!