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These Simple Tricks Could Boost Your Productivity

Posted by Ronnie Hay on Aug 16, 2016 11:14:26 AM

We all wish we were more effective, but few of us really take the time to learn ways to accomplish this goal. Try these strategies. You might gain back an hour or more of your day like I did. 

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Become Extraordinary by Doing the Ordinary

Posted by Ronnie Hay on Aug 8, 2016 10:10:54 AM

All organizations share a common goal: to improve efficiency. When your company is more efficient, it delivers products faster, provides better customer service, and gives a better return on investment. 

But too many companies are convinced that boosting efficiency will take some paradigm shift, assuming that without a significant change, there won't be any marked improvement. The fact is, you don't need some sweeping change, a major culture shift, or anything hugely disruptive to become more efficient. A simple strategy change can make all the difference.

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Why IT Disaster Recovery Isn't Optional

Posted by Preston Woolfolk on Aug 4, 2016 9:37:41 AM

Business owners everywhere are very concerned with one number: return on investment. When you're focused on growing your business and making your product profitable, every cent counts and every investment needs to pan out.

That's why many companies are understandably hesitant to spend money on services. Many choose a DIY approach that seems to save money in the short term, making budgets appear more balanced. But when more often than not, these DIY solutions are a money drain that can be hard to recognize. Information technology is just one of these areas where professional management is vital. Here's why.

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3 Document Management Myths That Just Won't Die

Posted by Jordan Conard on Jul 25, 2016 3:32:25 PM

There are plenty of reasons why businesses shy away from a good solution like document management, but all of the reasons typically come down to a lack of information. When companies understand how document management can improve their internal processes and bring their workflows into the 21st century, they often choose to implement quickly. Here are a few of the myths we encounter about document management, as well as the truth.

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3 Counterintuitive Ways to Jumpstart Your Productivity

Posted by Ronnie Hay on Jul 15, 2016 10:23:55 AM

Some professionals mistake busyness for productivity when nothing could be further from the truth. Making a whole list of "busy work" may make you feel accomplished, but it can be incredibly unproductive and often is. Meetings, emails, and simple tasks are often bread-and-butter of the typical day in the office, but these tasks can obscure crucial other opportunities. Here are a few ways you can revolutionize your daily productivity, all backed up by experts and research.

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The Benefits of a Print Strategy: Implementation

Posted by Ronnie Hay on Jun 23, 2016 10:49:34 AM

Last week, we discussed the potential benefits to be earned from implementing a print strategy in your business, including lowering your overall costs, managing print output, better environmental outcomes, and less burden on your IT staff. These benefits are often what attracts companies to developing a print strategy. If these advantages are appealing to you, it's time to get serious about implementing a print strategy in your business.

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The Benefits of Print Strategy: Why Bother?

Posted by Ronnie Hay on Jun 13, 2016 3:17:25 PM

It doesn't matter what industry you're in; you rely heavily on documents. Documents are a key driver in business processes, keeping information secure, easy to access, and simple to share. But documents aren't only a benefit to the modern business; they're also a burden. Estimates suggest that document production consumes between 1-3% of an average company's annual revenue, and this cost is steadily growing. 

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Buried in Emails? Here are the Hacks You Need

Posted by Ronnie Hay on May 24, 2016 10:23:29 AM

Awesome, you're back from spring break or your family vacation! Welcome to work. Here are 348 emails to respond to. They're all marked "urgent." Good luck!

Sound familiar? The grind of the daily email inbox woes is a typical experience for modern workers; we often email rather than walking down the hall to get a question answered. Email isn't always the most efficient mode of communication, but besides texting, it's probably the most popular. It's tempting to declare email bankruptcy and just erase all those unread emails—but that's not a real-world solution. Here are a few solutions that could help you dig out of the mess and stay on top.

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What's the Problem with Managed Print Services?

Posted by Ronnie Hay on May 13, 2016 10:42:10 AM

Many IT directors, administrators, and facilities managers have heard of managed print services. Managed print service (MPS) providers will take over the management of your print fleet and handle all maintenance issues. Sounds great right? Well...

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How to Remove a Hard Drive on a Xerox Workcenter 5655

Posted by Ronnie Hay on Apr 27, 2016 10:29:25 AM

This post is a response to a Spicehead request from the Spiceworks Community. If you are an IT Pro, check out the Spiceworks Community! It's great for questions, providing helpful advice, and making some new friends in your industry.

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